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Utilitra specializes in all aspects of meter services. Whether it’s deployment and installation of smart meter systems (electric & gas), maintenance of gas modules, or performing disconnects/reconnects, we have the management, field staff, and technology resources our utility partners require.

Project management

Our executive team with over 30 years’ experience is happy to assist with all aspects of meter deployment, including assessing the most efficient solutions for your business. We offer consultations to utilities with a focus on:

  • Production Standards
  • Safety Practices
  • Change Request Arbitration
  • Scope of Work


Utilitra works with utilities large and small, employing meter installers for electric and gas. Over the past two years, we have installed over 1,000,000 AMI meters, all of which were verified through our own work order management system. As a utility and technology company, we understand the value in having a diverse skillset.

Some of our differentiators:

  • Customizable Work Order Management System (Gas, Water, Electric, C&I, Maintenance)
  • 100% Quality Assurance on all endpoints reached
  • Established fleet
  • Rigorous safety training program
  • Capability to run multiple locations

Our versatility doesn't stop at our installers. Utilitra's design team can handle the design of essential infrastructure for deployment, and we have established relationships with contractors who can install it too. Our technology group was instrumental in building our work order management system, and ensures we're on the cutting edge of developing and maintaining utility-related tech.

When it comes to deploying, managing and continually supporting the infrastructure and technology you rely on, we cover every aspect of the process.


We also provide continued support for meters, regardless of whether they were installed by us. We'll perform software and network updates on any non-communicative devices on an as-needed basis.


Utilitra's meter department started meter reading in 1997. Since then, we have continually adapted to the demands of the industry while sticking to our roots. Today, we continue to proudly provide readers for utility companies.