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What We're All About

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Utilitra is a woman-owned firm specializing in utility and technology solutions.
We offer design, construction, and metering services to utilities, and also supply businesses and municipalities with robust technology services through our team of IT professionals. Our ability to integrate distinct specialties gives customers the opportunity to work with a coordinated team for the design and maintenance of their infrastructure.

We're on a Mission

Our Mission
Delivering innovative solutions through the power of family, integrity and collaboration.

Our Vision
Growing and investing in our family of employees to exceed customer expectations in service and create enduring relationships.

Our Values
Family— In our daily interactions we treat each other with respect, trust and sincere appreciation.
Spirit of Joy— We find value and purpose in our work leading to optimism and contagious positivity.
Superb Customer Service— In our partnerships with our clients, we demonstrate honesty, transparency, integrity and personal communication.
Quality— We have an unrelenting commitment to quality demonstrated through safety, determination, passion and pride.
Listening— Intentional listening and attention leads to innovation, collaboration and entrepreneurial problem-solving.


    Candice Folwer Leadership

    Candice Fowler

    President & CEO

    Candy is responsible for leading and overseeing the company's long and short term goals, ensuring they align with Utilitra's mission, vision, and values. She is the company's key decision-maker and shapes Utilitra's inviting culture.

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    Dee McDonald

    Vice President of Finance

    Dee manages all finance and accounting functions of the company. She is instrumental in assisting with company-wide financial and operational decisions and ensures Utilitra is positioned for continued success.

    Mandy Fowler Update

    Mandy Fowler

    Vice President

    Mandy oversees and supports all of Utilitra's departments while ensuring day-to-day operational efficiencies. She is the primary liaison between executive management and all of Utilitra's valued employees.