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Utilitra is a market leader in the conception, engineering, installation, servicing, and upkeep of intelligent security and safety systems. We are experts in Enterprise-level video security, access control, and VMS integration, in addition to electronic security for state and municipal departments and agencies, law enforcement, retail companies, and multi-family buildings. We take satisfaction in meeting these goals on schedule and within the allotted budget. Utilitra is committed to aiding our clients in attaining their safety and security objectives, which ensure a secure environment, by integrating cutting-edge technology, established standards, and best practices in the industry.

Infrastructure Security Planning and Construction

Every facility has its own safety and security standards. A manufacturing facility has criteria distinct from those of a public high school. Utilitra develops and implements systems and technologies that ensure the safety of all individuals and entities. Utilitra has the expertise to build and implement a safety and security framework that combines technology solutions with best practices for procedures and staff to suit any security demand or code requirement.

Managed Security and Safety Services

Utilitra offers managed services that take care of your physical security infrastructure, allowing you to focus on running your business. By using best practices for maintaining your security infrastructure, our managed services reduce your operational costs and risk. Our security professionals provide the services you demand with efficient, agile, and scalable solutions, allowing you to focus on expanding the services and experiences for your workers, students, or customers.

Safety Component Maintenance and Repair

In addition to creating and proposing components for safety and security systems, Utilitra guarantees all marketed equipment. Any system's efficacy is contingent on the equipment's ongoing operation at the same degree of efficiency as when it was installed. Over time, electronic components decay and fail, and growing facilities need system alterations or upgrades. If you have outgrown your security system or it is beginning to show its age, Utilitra can assist you by recommending system upgrades or a complete system overhaul that is adaptable to your changing demands. We understand the importance of familiarity in maintaining your security infrastructure. After customizing a software to your needs, the same employees that execute your security measures will also be responsible for their ongoing maintenance

Integration of Security System Management

The numerous components of safety and security systems range from doors, locks, and gates for access control to video surveillance cameras, lights, and emergency alerting systems. Utilitra not only installs each of these separate systems, but also ensures that they function as a unified safety and security network. Employees of Utilitra supervise the entire procedure, beginning with the proposal of a security plan and continuing through installation and execution, testing, administration, and maintenance.

Integration of Security System Technologies

Access control devices and video surveillance cameras are just two of the numerous components that comprise safety and security systems. Utilitra not only installs each of these separate systems, but also ensures that they function as a unified safety and security network.

Access Administration

Utilitra installs, designs, and maintains institutional and commercial access control systems. The Access Control System enables our service providers and clients to remotely administer, maintain, and update the system in real time. Providing a safe working environment for your staff is essential for every firm. Our strategic partners at Genetec presented us with the software platform SynergisTM, which provides full access control for any business. Notify security personnel, activate threat levels, and protect the structure or door. With native end-to-end encryption, you will be able to protect the physical and digital ends of your business, in addition to enhancing cyber security.

Network Audio

Additionally, our Axis partners are pioneers in the burgeoning field of network audio. We can install new IP-based speaker systems or improve your current intercom. The integration of the network-connected devices makes it perfect for security, background music, and automated announcements. IP speakers can interact and integrate with locks and cameras in addition to integrating with and interacting with other network security measures, such as cameras and locks.


Our partners at Genetec have also developed the AutoVu automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) system, which is utilized by commercial and municipal institutions for automated surveillance, enhanced security, and increased parking efficiency. Businesses, public institutions, and law enforcement are searching for security and safety technologies that may streamline operating operations and improve intelligence. AutoVu enables groups to collect pertinent car data, enforce parking regulations, and acquire traffic flow insights. The AutoVu automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) technology gathers and cross-references license plate reads and matches alongside incident-related video footage, contextual photos, and GPS data.


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